Gypsy’s Bio

The Gypsy and the Scientist

There has always been this internal battle whether to explore & play or read a technical journal.  Even as I pen this bio, the Gypsy needs to go get lost in the Pine Trees of Bastrop while  the Scientist must study “soil composition”.  There must be some of that in most of us, I’m just putting it out there.  At this juncture in our career it is happily a symbiosis as the Gypsy gets to goof around the Food and Wine Trails while the Scientist does the heavy lifting; all the research and then writes about it.  And who’d of known there is plenty of science in the study of wine.  So let’s see how this dueling duo manages their life over the years.

If the Grapevine Gypsy conjures up images of whirling dervishes and a kaleidoscope of inky-purple elixir streaming from the glass into  the  cosmos, that’s a lead into the Gypsy’s adventurous youth.  She traveled around the world tasting culinary delights from Europe to Asia Upon returning home, the scientist obtained a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Clinical Dietetics at the University of Washington, with an internship at Harborview Medical School in Seattle.  Experience gained managing several cafes and various types of foodservice operations in the Lutheran Hospital System led to a collaborative opening of a mid-sized polished-casual Bistro in San Antonio, Texas in 1988.  They owned, operated and functioned as Sommelier for the award winning restaurant for 28 years.  Upon selling the establishment the scientist obtained Certified Specialist of Wine credentials from the prestigious Society of Wine Educators and is currently Sommelier at Bryan’s on 290 located on the wine trails of the Texas Hill Country and is a Free Lance Writer of all things food & wine.  And the Gypsy, well…… know (wine trails).

Regarding this blog, posts will be written at all levels for the occasional quaffer to the serious wine student.  Wine Science related topics will be housed in the Wine Science tab.  Please keep in touch and let me know any topics you would like explored.

Barbara Hunt

a.k.a. the Scientist & Grapevine Gypsy

Sommelier, CSW, BS